Official forums WTF!!!! & New clan for serious players

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Wanted to try and promote my new clan on the official forums but can't find an option to post, i'm not retarted so it's got nothing to do with that before anyone starts suggesting it but was just wondering if anyone knows how to post on them, and for anyone who's interested in joining a new clan search "UK Anarchy" and apply to join there's no requirements but i am hoping to get a team together at some point for some serious league play if anyones's interested and will also like to start doing some challenges and clan ops to start levelling up the clan ;-) Thanks in advance.

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Just realised that i forgot to mention that the clan is for the xbox 360. Thanks.

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Can I Join This Clan I am A stealthy Guy Though My GT is EliteXcoxy
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Sorry Payday 2 i am looking for
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Hi forum FuZioN needs a competitive team. Message FuZioN Scopes, FuZioN Cobalt, FuZioN Legend, FuZioN Hadez, or WOZLR to join we have over 1.8k subs on YouTube. We mainly Quickscope and trickshot but we need a comp. team. Cobalt is the Leader of the comp team but we need more comp. players so we can compete in tournaments. To join FuZioN for Quickscopeing and trickshoting visit and read the Channel description. MUST BE 15 YEARS OF AGE!! Clan Channel