League Play is Broken Until Riot Shields are Removed

#1 Posted by Major_Burnside (41 posts) -

I think we need to patition Activision/Treyarch to remove the riot shield from league play. I am an avid league player, I love the concept and think it is one of the best additions to COD in years. But it is being ruined by riot shield camping. This may seem like a small complaint, but anyone who has played against top level league players knows that ~75% of them are where they are because of team riot shield camping.

Get a group of 3-4 guys with riot shields, flack jacket, trophy systems, LMGs with target finders and there is absolutely no counter. You cannot and will not win that game, no matter how much better you might be than them in a normal gun battle. League play is supposed to be fair and competitive, but it has turned into who can find the best spot to post up his riot shield. NO ONE uses them legitimately which is why there should be no problem removing them.