League Play Arrangements (Wii U Version)

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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I played this game to be honest. I usually play it every few weeks with my brother, and I'd like to play it again but don't really have the incentive.

Was really wondering if we could set up a League Play game for us all here, so we can all log in and have a tournament. Surely, because no one ever plays that mode someone here would end up ranking 1# on Wii U's league table, haha!

I'm in the UK, currently on GMT + 1 time due to British Summertime.

If we can all log in to League Play on Saturday 13th April 18:00 hours BST, we should all be able to get in to a match together.

You can check the clock here in your region and count down till that time:


Just figure out what time it is in your own region, and log on at that time.

If not, I'll just sit and wait for nobody for half an hour silly.gif



As a bonus, I may even try to record it and the winner will get their video on Youtube wink.gif