Just got smacked around tonight, uff dah!

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I'm not sure what happened tonight.

On the original Black Ops I ran with a 2.75 KDR on MW3 I ran with a ~2.4 KDR. I started off Black Ops 2 alright, just simply exploring the maps and trying out the guns, running with about a 2.1 KDR.

Tonight though holy smokes, I just got lagged up something fierce. My KDR fell to about a 1.75 (I don't remember the last time I played a COD game with a sub-2 KDR), and it just felt like my bullets were not hitting anything. There was one moment where I flanked and started shooting a camper in the back (super easy kill), hit markers everywhere, but he somehow turned around and pop-pop, I was down. The killcam literally showed me hitting him once. I have been hearing a lot about lag issues in the COD games, and I have never concerned myself with them, because I can usually play through it. Tonight though was nuts.

I try not to jump on the bash wagon especially since the game is brand new, but I have never experienced nasty lag like this before. My interenet is very modest, to poor infact, I have around 7mb download and 1.5mb upload, so I am guessing that has something to do with it. However, I have never had an issue with it before. I'm not willing to upgrade to a faster internet just simply because a game lags. I will just have to get better, haha :)

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I lost interest when you started talking about K/D ratios.


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I see same lag in MP that has always been there.  Im getting 1.9-5.0 K:D every round when the going is good.  But some times you get rolled.  Part of the game.

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Much better tonight, must have been just a weird issue. I played some single player matches and was around 2 to 5 in most matches. Then I started playing split screen multiplayer with my wife, and just got destroyed again. Our connection just must not be able to handle the splitscreen, which really stinks!

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Thats too bad, I hear that you get a huge trophy from Activision if you have a KD ratio of 2.5 or more.

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are you sure that having low mb (in your case 7mb) from your internet will have lag?

i thought once you log in the match, it stabilise everything but i dont know

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Black ops 2 has the worst hit detection lag lag compensation connection hitmarker things EVER!!!


i never experienced such bull in a cod game in my life