I dont get it...

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Why do i do better with just a handgun and a knife, then with an assault rifle or something else? When i use an assault rifle i usually go with 20-18 games (i know i suck). But when i use a knife and handgun, i go with 30-8 games. I really like the guns in this game but they seem not to like me. Can anyone conjure up a reason why this happens to me?

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I wish I could, but I friggin swear I do better with a pistol than a lot of the assault rifles myself. It's actually ridiculous sometimes. It's great and all that the pistols are better but why oh why is using a pistol so much more efficient than some of those rifles?? Glad i'm not alone...
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Its because this game is not balanced right and it needs to be fixed.I can have the best assault rifle on with all the perks and attachments and some douche can run up to me with a steak knife and kill me....makes no sense.
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^ Well having the best gun doesn't exactly make you untouchable...
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^ Well having the best gun doesn't exactly make you untouchable...TAGGER_SK8ER101
Troll alert
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What? I'm no troll.
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[QUOTE="TAGGER_SK8ER101"]^ Well having the best gun doesn't exactly make you untouchable...mrsniper83
Troll alert

Pretty sure nobody's ever had the "Explain what a troll actually is" chat with you.

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The kinfe is overpowered. A knife will not instantly kill someone just by swiping them [or otherwise] in most cases, especially when they're wearing equipment and/or armor. Imo, what makes the game so unbalanced is more the maps than the guns. Make the maps bigger and the guns' pros and cons will naturally come into play. A lot of the maps are too small for proper sniping because you can easily get killed from behind due to the maps' small sizes. This is also why shotguns are instapwn on here as well. A lot of the maps are too small. Make the maps bigger and shotgunners will have to actually use some tact to get closer to their opponents. That's why I like Battlefield more.