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I really, REALLY HATE the little x hitmarkers that have been added to the campaign! I can understand the need for them in multiplayer, but in single player it's REALLY distracting. The enemy reacts to getting hit just fine. They didn't add the markers to the zombie mode, so I don't understand why after 8 games of no hitmarkers in the campaign they felt this one needed it. I know to most it's not a big deal, but it's really annoying to me. I wish they would at least have the option of turning them off like in Max Payne 3. End of irrational rant.

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Is anyone else annoyed by this, or do most people prefer having this in the campaign?

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I agree, the hitmarkers in the campaign distracted me from the blood and gore effects, which I thought worked well enough as hitmarkers. It got to the point were I stopped playing Black ops 2 campign because the hitmarkers were so annoying to see and I hated how they made Raul Mendez out to be a bad guy, when he was just trying to make ends meet with his family. Bush the elder couldn't have another drug dealer as big as him, so Mason and Hudson are sent in to take him down(under the guise of stopping terrorists). I also hate how you fight for that witch Hillary Clinton, and it had crap music by A7X... Black ops 2 made me feel sick just playing it, more sick than a GTA title.