Gamespot slipping.....IMO

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Gamespot slipping...IMO. I have enjoyed and trusted the reviews here....maybe its just me. gove Dishonored a "9" and give Black Ops anything just aint right.
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It's just a matter of personal preference honestly. If we're honest, an 8.5 isn't bad, if anything it's good. A review is just an opinion and hey, if you like it and think it deserves more then you can always write your own review. I personally don't think it's anything too special. I pretty much got what I expected. It's not necessarily the worst game ever, but the gameplay just hasn't changed enough to make it feel different.
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Dishonored is an original title with fresh gameplay and design, whereas BOII is just modern warfare 3 mixed with Black Ops. I don't see how the reviews aren't fair...

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I hope this is a joke. I understand the love for CoD, but this game does not deserve, in any universe, the same score as Dishonored! I know reviews are based on opinons, but if you break the games down to design/art style, gameplay and stroy, Dishonored with a complete unbiased reviewer would beat BO2 everytime. I like CoD and BO2, but Dishonored was a incredibly fun and cool new IP, and just a awesome game!