Confused - Branching Story (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS)

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I'm really confused as to parts of the branching story and how you affect what happens, for example when Karma was abducted from the nightclub I hunted the guy down, rescued the girl, killed the guy (and originally I wrote that the opposite way around, looked damn weird lol).  Then on the USS Barack Obama when Menendez escapes she is executed but I wasn't given control of the characters to save her (but apparently you can), so unsure what I've done wrong.

Don't get me wrong I liked the story but think just one or two times I was not sure whether to shoot/shoot-to-kill or not while other times I was left wondering what exactly my actions had affected.

Overall really good game, and enjoyed the single player campaign, and the story and some of the different aspects of the game that had been added which seems t re-invigorate the COD series a little. 

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Well I lost Karma to her abductors and Farid was instead killed during Menendez' escape. But I could not save him. Certain parts of the branches are clear, but at other times it can be unclear as to what is happening (at least to me).
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Did you shoot Harper or try to Kill Menendez as Farid when the VTOL was shot down? If you got kiled there, he won't be able to save Karma from Salazar when he tries to shoot her onboard the USS Obama.

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OK thanks guys, I'll have to play it over again when i get time to see how it turns out.  Was not really looking forward to it but did really enjoy the story.