Party together Declassified style!

#1 Posted by hauhnel (2 posts) -
If you want to get on declassified online and play then add me. My psn name is darkflamefist or I'll add you if you want.
#2 Posted by SH4H_-_7 (170 posts) -

add me sh4h_-_7 and just write to me dat its for cod bo2

#3 Posted by boucho1183 (42 posts) -

thinking about getting this today. Im not a COD fan but wanted something good multiplayer for my vita. Is it worth it? how full are the game servers?

#4 Posted by jibmoney (2 posts) -
How do you add people to your friends list to game on Vita? My Gamer name is jibmoney.
#5 Posted by hate2beeyou (1 posts) -
add me guys n girls. psn: HATE2beeYOU im a good layer and am on alot. cant wait to play with you all. just friends request with gamespot in the message!
#6 Posted by vape56 (1 posts) -
I been looking for people to team up with but idk anyone else with a vita. vape51 << add me Beast Mode 24/7
#7 Posted by Sonicboom11 (1 posts) -
lookin for people to play with add me if you want madtatter05
#8 Posted by oozegahr (1 posts) -
you can also add me at WuuJabba ... or if you want to tryout for my clan. hollaaa