What can you say about this game ? It's just plain fun. Game play is just right depending on your level .I n normal difficulty you will get through most of the game without a problem. Graphics are supurb . You need a good card however to enjoy it to the fullest. The sound in the game is just as great . The vallue could be a bit lower since I think it's a bit much to spend 50 eu-ro for a video game. Over all the game continues the old westwood tradition of making great strategy games. Like the red alert series and Yuri's revenge. The game play of this game is similar to those classic games but a huge improvement is made in the graphics. The missions are plain fun and easy to complete if the strategy is quite right. The commando in the first missions reminds me of Tonya in the red alert series. I enjoyed this game as much as I enjoyed the rest of the red alert and yuri games. Maybe even more. I haven't played this game on line yet since i Just completed the GDI , campaign,but I imagine that it will be just as fun as playing the missions. Although it can be harder if your playing against other people. Overall this game is supurb, and if you haven't played it yet you are missing out.