Review of the fantastic call of duty 4 modern warefare if you want to read about a fps then this is the right review

User Rating: 10 | Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare X360
right where can i start with call of duty the gameplay is fantastic and epic.! the gaming graphics are not good but smashing! all the different types of guns you can wield makes the game worth the cash!!! but one bade thing campaign probably takes 6 hours to do so if you have xbox live definatley buy this game online gameplay where you level up from recruit... all the way to commander then you can start all over again with prestige mode this is where you trade in all your unlocked guns for a symbol next to your name you go back to level one there are currently ten prestiges infinityward will soon be adding 5 more im not sure if you want to check log onto the website

so lets go over it again BUY THIS GAME!c
fantastic- the sun
thrilling -the daily telegraph i played for over 40 hours at the moment because of xbox live i have had this game two months !