The Good, the Bad and the Epic

Since the release of this time machine known as Red Dead Redemption, old west movies may not be as fun anymore at least not as fun as exploring and hunting a fair variety of animals (and mythical creatures) in West Elizabeth, surviving the wild west in New Austin or drinking tequila before a shootout in Nuevo Paraiso.

As John Marston a gunslinger trying to leave behind his crime life you will face many obstacles, bloody fights, difficult challenges and turning points. Not to mention all the places that by train or horse your search for a new life may take you, in this huge world of RDR full of nor enemies nor friends, until your peacemaker has to be drawn. Are you up to the task to find redemption before redemption finds you?

Single player offers lots of opportunities to make you feel like you were born 120 years ago, as a gunslinger that is! Long and entertaining storyline with good voice acting and cattle rustlers willing to be lassoed, shot at or blown up with dynamite for the sake of letting you experience what movies can't... the power of choosing what shall happen at any given situation. Experience immersion with beautiful landscapes and matching background music, experience realism with dangerous encounters and exciting random events, experience frustration by being mauled by a bear in the middle of a good hunt streak in the forest, fill your dead eye gauge, improve your accuracy, and sharpen your mind because every bullet counts and having your senses alert is a must.

While you can be a good (ironically) or a bad gunslinger rescuing a stagecoach from the attacking bandits, betting with a stranger to see who is the most accurate shooting birds in the wilderness or joining the bandit's assault and killing strangers in the wilderness because life as a gunslinger was never pretty, neither path will affect your storyline progress but your good or bad fame will definitely carry consequences that you may notice in your travels (your own storyline as I call it) among the population.

Multiplayer is amazing! You start in free roam as a random unknown guy who rides a mule and carries a not so powerful six-shooter but has the whole single player world to explore along with another 16 players, and if that couldn't trigger enough action there are gang hideouts in almost every region that you and your friends can bring justice to. There are a total of 50 levels in multiplayer, you will eventually unlock new playable characters, mounts, guns and titles as you progress achieving higher levels with experience points gained for clearing gang hideouts, playing competitive or co-operative modes, and killing other human players. Once level 50 is reached you may pass into legend mode. Every time you pass into legend mode a badge is unlocked with a total of 5 badges available, and each time level 50 is achieved and you decide to pass into legend your unlocked mounts and guns will be locked again, resetting your level back to 0 for you to level up to 50 until the 5th legendary badge is unlocked.

Competitive multiplayer is action packed! Selecting Free For All or Gang Matches will take us to one of the 4 competitive modes: Shootout, Gang Shootout, Gold Rush and Hold Your Own. Each mode has different objectives, scenarios to be played in (some scenarios are shared within the different modes), and different guns depending on scenario.
-Shootouts are FFA exclusive where you must kill as many enemies as you can and die as little as possible before timer reaches zero.
-Gang Shootouts are same as shootouts but team based
-Gold Rush is FFA exclusive as well; your objective is to capture gold bags that randomly spawn in the area, capture as many as you can until you capture a variable number of bags to win, this number depends on the number of players involved in your match. If time reaches zero, player with most bags captured wins.
-Hold Your Own is similar to Gold Rush but team based, this mode has only 2 bags at any given time and each team is in possession of 1 bag inside a coffer at their respective base that can only be taken by the enemy. Your objective is to capture the opposite team's bag and take it back to your coffer; first team to capture 3 bags wins. If time reaches zero, team with most captured bags wins.

Overall Red Dead Redemption is ambitious and a step forward to making players experience more freedom in more immersive environments. This wild west title is fun, entertaining and well crafted with few flaws that will remind you that you are playing a videogame, but with game industry making GTA clones every year RDR is here to remind us as well, that stealing a car in an open-world videogame was just the beginning of more creative ideas yet to come. For now let's just enjoy what this masterpiece has to offer; endless hours of fun being the most skilled cowboy in single player, and addictive multiplayer that will steal your breath while fighting the most fearsome gungslingers from around the world.