Amazing game that masters in the multiplayer part!

User Rating: 9.2 | Call of Duty 2 PC
From the start, Call of Duty was an amazing game. Call of Duty atounded with breathtaking gameplay, and I think for then, good graphics. Now Call of Duty 2 takes it up a notch. Everything in Call of Duty 2 is better. Naturally, the games graphics have been updated to new standards. From what I see on my computer, this game looks pretty darn good. Sound is pretty straight forward. Guns firing, and soldiers screaming hasn't really been any different now, than it has three years ago. The Singleplayer is kinda short, though its intense with flavor. At first you can only play the Russian campaign, but as you beat Missions, the British, and the American Campaign are unlocked. Each country has a different soldier, with a different name and identity. The multiplayer is naturally the strongest part of the game. Owning people has never been so fun. Snipe somebody from the other side of the map, or take it to the close quarters. Even though it takes a lot of skill to get started, the game gets progressively better as you gain skill. Also, the game doesn't have a ranking system, so the only thing other players will see is your score in the current round.

Overall, the game is very good, though the single player could be longer. Yet, the multiplayer will make up for that part.