It only took me five minutes to confirm how crap this game is...

The whole reason I even bothered completing this rather rushed game was because I'm a huge Wolverine fan. But that won't change my opinion that this game quite simply sucked.

I also purchased Uncaged Edition for my X360 and that game on the other hand was a brilliant Wolverine game.

So terrible. The start of the game looked fairly alright but the in-game graphics went from bad to crappy. The cutscenes on the other hand are good since they are imported from the Uncaged Edition of Wolverine and fit the PSP's screen rather well. I was really disappointed with the graphics, main reason I gave a bad mark. Graphics aren't everything about a game, but since the game had nothing else to offer, they could have at least made the graphics look better.

Feels clunky and broken at many times during gameplay. It's basically a button-masher. You can just go through all the levels blindfolded without getting killed a single time. You never know what to expect since the controls keep changing, plus there are times where a button icon appears above an enemies head which indicates Wolverine is in a position to perform a special move. This is just about the only thing exciting, seeing the bad guys die.

I didn't have any issue really, the camera constantly kept following you so it wasn't annoying and you didn't have to change the angle.

Based on the film. Colonel Striker and his goons have kidnapped Logan (a.k.a Wolverine) to try and erase all his memories. This is the perfect game to learn deeper into Wolverine's past but the way the game was presented just feels confusing and in the end, you don't really find out much.
You get to re-live all the great moments of Wolverine's life. So you basically play through the flashbacks and watch the very awfully animated in-game cutscenes.

Well, the Uncaged Edition was filled with guts, severed limbs, blood, gore and decapitated heads but this has none of it. Only sprays of blood is to be seen which is rather disappointing but it's okay overall (be happy kids, since it's rated T so you finally get a violent video game suitable for you with all the adult stuff).

Overall, X Men Origins: Wolverine feels really boring. I'd had enough of the game after playing the first level since one, the presentation sucked a lot and two, the graphics sucked plus three, the game sucked, it was so repetitive. You kept doing the same stuff. How boring can a game possibly get?

You pretty much destroy stuff you see, nothing much more to it. It felt nothing like the Uncaged Edition of the game which is out on the next-generation consoles but it's an okay package. You get to unlock scenes from the film and different types of concept art. It certainly isn't worth the money you pay. Only buy it if is under a fiver, otherwise it's a waste. Even if you did buy it for a cheap price, your probably going to regret it.