Q(-_-Q) head to head with the critics this game is some good old school fun with a budget price.

For those of you who have played EDF you know you loved it, and if you played EDF just go run and pickup this game up its basically EDF with zombies. So basically you play as one of three scantly clad chicks two katana fighters and one that uses machine guns and what not, you can pick two for a mission and tag team between them with the right trigger. The campaign is extremely long lasting over about 20 chapters including lots of zombies to kill and clothing choices to unlock. There is also a pretty good leveling system very close to the one found in castle crashers for the xboxlive arcade that lets you increase power and vitality. There is also local split screen co-op which is loads of fun with a friend , and survivor and free mode survivor is a basic endless horde mode you kill a certain number of waves and then it switches to another scene. Freemode Im not sure of seeing that you unlock it after beating the game. One interesting mechanic is the blood rage sort of mode its like devil may cry series devil form and you go all super sayan but it makes your health drop quit rapidly and you can't just turn it on and of you have to find an item to do it so you really have to think if that extra power is worth it some times. There should be more mission and character DLC on the way seeing that the DLC is already out in japan. Overall all a great game just don't come into it expecting any thing other than B movie sort of stuff.