It makes me forget that there's a real life!

After waiting almost 2 years, finally we get to see Hitman:BM. The outcome: great game. Although it has new features like disarming and coins, the basic structure of the game stays the same: you go around, find your target and kill it. But dont be fooled by the simpleness of the objective because the game is far away from simple.

Every level is detailed to perfection and they are, even though it sounds weird, beautiful. Some of the greatest graphics on the PS2. The characters look great and some of the weapons look amazing. The music is great, although I still miss some of the awsome music of Hitman 2, but still great music to acompany gameplay. At last, the gameplay is awsome. The game includes new moves and actions, weapons, equipment, upgadable system and a new control. All this mixes with the new notoriety system in wich if there are witnesses at the end of a mission, starts to grow and in later missions, it will be harder to stay stealthy since anyone can recognize you. It's adictive and entertaining. The greatest downfall: It's short. But it's fun to go back and play the same missions in a whole different way. Once you stop playing you'll see that the real world it's boring and it's actionless. DefInetly the best in the series and a great game to have around.