Get this & Sonic Advance 3, these are the best Sonic handhelds from the Rush series back!

I played this game for a long time, I also used cheat codes eventually so I could get all the skill cards + more. If I hadn't, I'm sure it would have taken me much longer to max out on everything. The game can be addicting, but it is not like Brawl if you have been informed so. Yet, it is still a great fighting game. You should get this and Sonic Advance 3, which is an even better game. Whichever one you get, hope you enjoy, because the games were far from disappointing for me.

Time Value: I don't expect it will take you a short time to complete the game unless you used cheat codes, there are a lot of skill cards + there's the fact that you have to level up Emerl (main character). The fighting may eventually get repetitive but that is should take a while {5/5}

Music: The music is alright, not near the best when it comes to Sonic series soundtracks. {4/5}

Graphics: The Chaos Emeralds are all the same color + I don't know why they chose to make the character models look like they did, but it's not bad. {4/5}

Story: I don't want to comment much on the story, why don't you try the game out and share your opinion. {4/5}

Balance: Every character has 3 types of attacks, with their own specialty for that category. It is balanced, and of course like Brawl some characters attack and move faster than others. {5/5}

Characters: The first Sonic game I owned with a nice sized independent character roster, with the others being the Sonic Riders games. {5/5}

Overall: {4/5, 80%} It is a great fighting game that you should buy, I wouldn't rent it since it is a GBA game and I would think that would be difficult to find but still cheap. Just look at a game resale store. Hope my review influenced your decision.