Still stumped on your decision, here's exactly what MK:Armagenddon brings to the plate.

Yeah so i just got this game about 5 days ago, I'am not new to the MK series and had my expectations and here's what MK: Armageddon brings to the plate. So, i got this game about 5 days ago and it has it's up's and down's. At first I thought it was a good buy but honestly it's not THAT good after a while. The begining cinimatic is nice, there are alot of characters (about 40-60), and they have a GREAT variety of moves, finshing moves, stances and especially the created character design. The mini games arent that good and might waste you an 1hr when playing with friends. Buying items is almost entirely in an buying sytem (with the exception of Elder god armour; which is pretty sick, and gets unlocked in the story mode). It plays similar to the old games and has similar effects. But the story mode's gameplay (aside from the one-on-one character matches) is pretty plain, and repetitive at somtimes. When you are trying to get (find) some hidden items that might be around it's easy to miss the chance to get them since the "area" to start cinematics and a fight to begin is so big. That you can mistakenly get "caught" in them by moving just a few steps ahead out of a corridor. I personally think this game is not really worth it and should be only a rent unless you either buy games often (like 2 a month every month) or you're a real "die hard" MK fan. (I believe this is accurate and if you can't take my word and have a big desire to play RENT it , if you still have a blast playing after 2 rents go ahead and buy it. But you'll see what meant.)

thanks for your time.