What's with everybody!!

This game is a lot better that BF2. The maps are kind of big, but it's not bad. Love the new lighting effects and the graphics are a little better than BF2. On my computer, which is a 7800GTX and a amd3800 (single core), it runs at around 23 fps with all high and 2x AA. In the titan it is very laggy when the commander moves it and jerks you around. I also like the attack hellicopters, they are kind of like the jets, but are slower but better. I think anybody who likes BF2 will like this and the people that gave it a bad review just didn't take advantage of all of the new things in it and didn't play more than a hour. So if you gave it a bad review keep the bad out of your head (that you think is bad) and just enjoy it!! Have fun....i will!!