The most fun I've had playing a Star Wars game to date, and yet...the campaign is so short!

Republic Commando is the best Star Wars FPS game yet. The story takes place between the movies Episode II and Episode III (forthcoming). You play as a commando of the elite delta squad comprising of 4 members including yourself. You must fight your way to objectives and lead your squad to victory. Its quite fun to command your squad. The interface is quite simple allowing you to move your indicator over an objective and command a unit to strafe, blow a door, snipe, defend, etc. All 3 of your commandos seem to have the same strength, health so it doesn't matter which guy you send to do which job. The game is quite smooth and the enemies are a lot of fun to squash. The HUD is based upon a visor in the stormtrooper's helmet. You're able to see a health readout, the health of your men, ammo, and waypoints. All of this info does come in handy and in the heat of battle is quite easy to see. In the end the only area where Republic Commando falls short is in the length of its single-player campaign. Multiplayer was fun for a bit but I've got other SciFi FPS games to play and this certainly isn't the best of the heap. While short, the game is quite fun and I would recommend to any and all Star Wars fans.