Could of been better........

This games great but does have its flaws. The story is way to short so i do recommend going into legendary so the game goes longer. Also Multiplayer is the funniest thing in the world getting a killing spree and the stealing there ghost is the funniest in the world.

The game play is great, fluid, and just overall fun. The action just has an epic fell to it, and it surpasses the original with it's new features such as Dual Wielding. Sure, Halo 2 isn't the first to do this, but it's probably the best to do it. There is nothing like Wielding two SMG (Sub-Machine Guns) to take your opponent down, or how about a needler and a pistol? Ok, so some aren't the greatest matches, but it's up to you to choose which weapons you want. The game really started going down hill once you have to play as a covenant elite. Yes that's right your not the Master Chief through out the game. This throws off the whole feel of Halo completely. It's almost as if the game was a spin off television series, but they forgot to change the name. Something else new in Halo 2 is the ability to board or jack your enemy’s vehicles. This can be done on all the vehicles, and it's just awesome. This innovative feature requires skill, but itsn't so hard it's impossible. When you do it, you just have a urge to scream "OWNED" out loud, especially online. The graphics, while somewhat improved in the cut scenes, are hit and miss in the actual game play. The use of normal mapping can create a variety of interesting textures but can also result in a "muddy" look. Many dark areas lack definition, making it often hard to see even the "orange" (grunt) enemies. At E3 2003, Bungie showed the world a disingenuous demo, rich with character interaction and scripting.

Overall Halo 2 made me think twice about being such a hardcore fan of bungie and this game is a good example of a rush job. If not rushed then it its an example of breaking something that is not broken and not fixing what is Broke. If I was to compare this to a computer game, I could say that Halo 2 is just an expansion pack for the Original Halo. I am not disappointed at all. I just expected more.