Cabela's Trophy Bucks Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each of the following achievements below to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Code Effect
    Complete hunting in 4 regions. Northwest Master (20)
    Complete hunting in 8 regions. Southwest Master (20)
    Complete hunting in 12 regions. East Master (20)
    Complete hunting in 16 regions. West Master (20)
    Complete hunting in 20 regions. South Master (20)
    Complete the game with a minimum of Bronze on all missions. Bronze Sharpshooter (100)
    Complete the game with a minimum of Silver on all missions. Silver Sharpshooter (150)
    Complete the game with a minimum of Gold on all missions. Gold Sharpshooter (200)
    Unlock all weapons. Gun Buff (50)
    Earn all unlockables in the game. Upgrade Pro (50)
    Use all Power-ups at least once. I Have the Power (10)
    Complete the Deer Slam. Deer Slam Cup (10)
    Complete the Turkey Slam. Turkey Slam Cup (10)
    Complete the Waterfowl Slam. Waterfowl Slam Cup (10)
    Complete the Upland Bird Slam. Upland Bird Slam Cup (10)
    Complete the Small Varmint Slam. Small Varmint Slam Cup (10)
    Complete the Large Varmint Slam. Large Varmint Slam Cup (10)
    Use the Thermal Cam 10 times. Predator Award (10)
    Use the Xrayl Cam 10 times. Peeping Tom Award (10)
    Use Slow Time 10 times. Molasses Award (10)
    Use Freeze Animal 10 times. Chillax Award (10)
    Use Laser Bullet 10 times. Cats Award (10)
    Use Quick Draw 10 times. McGraw Award (10)
    A Maximum Integrity Five-star Large Varmit has been taken. Acme Lost a Customer (25)
    A Maximum Integrity Five-star Deer has been taken. Check Out That Rack! (25)
    A Maximum Integrity Five-star Small Varmit has been taken. Dont Drive Angry (25)
    Hunting in 20 Regions has been completed. Huge Tracts of Land (20)
    A Maximum Integrity Five-star Turkey has been taken. Thanksgiving Dinner (25)
    A Maximum Integrity Five-star Upland Bird has been taken. It's Raining...Hen (25)
    A Maximum Integrity Five-star Waterfowl Bird has been taken. Is That Howard's Cousin? (25)
    Gold has been taken in all Arcade Mode. Arcade Master Gold (50)