Intelligence Report

User Rating: 9 | Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 PS3
I am surprised at the score this game has recieved... hands down this game is one of the best I own... and I own a lot of games. The low score this game has received from other players is probably due to their not owning the "move" components and/or not purchasing this game along with the gun.

The only way to play this game is through the "move" controls. Doing so literally puts a gun in your hand (comes with the game), and the power to down just about anything is a trigger flick away. The gun comes with a scope, expandable stock and is actually a reasonable size and it breaks down for those of you that want to practice their hand gun skills.

This game excels because of "move" technology; I would not own this game otherwise however there are some things you should be aware of... first, you have to have at least three yards for the controller to work correctly. This has me pinned up in the corner of my bedroom on my bed.... works well for me, but not very user-friendly for my buddies (they aren't into climbing all over my bed, nor am I into letting them). I make this point because you have to have enough room to play with the gun for this game to be worth it. Assuming you do, the gun sights well, and needs little recalibration during play (my experience).

The graphics and sound are solid and do not take anything away from the game... and to date I have not had any glitches. The animals move as they should, some stalking you, others charging, many fleeing... so there is plenty to shoot at.

The stroyline is linear (probably the largest let down) meaning you have to follow a path for all intents and purposes. If this were an open world hunt I would probably still be playing and not writing this review, but alas it is not... but don't let that stop you. The story won't win any awards but it keeps you going and there is plenty to do unlke so many games we see on the market these days... I am on the second level (of twelve) and have been playing now for 12 hours... and there's plenty of hunting left.

The various weapons I cannot speak to yet, although I am optimistic. Currently I have a long rifle, shotgun, .44 mag, and crossbow for those silent kills which I just picked up. No complaints on this front... on level two and already getting new equipment, so far so good....

So, to recap... this is a great game if playing with the "move" controls... if you're not I can't really say how you will like it... this is a must for any first person shooter that is looking to put a gun in their hand instead of your traditional controller. We all remember duck hunt... add, lions, hippos, crocs, bears, elk, deer, snakes, buffalo, cheetahs, rhinos, and probably many others I am not yet aware of to the mix, and you've got an idea of what Dangerous Hunts 11 is all about. Time to go down me a Pride. Happy hunting all.