a fun classic game that will be always remeber

Graphics- The graphics for an older console are a lot harder to rate but i decided to give mario a 7. FIrstly the graphics in my oppinion are very average, not very colourful, not any beautiful pixel art distinctly average.Although you may not agree with me at first, The later worlds are very very difficult to tell apart due to the fact they use exactly the same graphics just in a different colour, the sea level is a welcome level as it doesnt use the traditional super mario bros 1 graphics scheme.

Gameplay - Not really a lot to say although the gameplay is rather simple simplicity works wonders as playing the gameis quite fun ,tricky, and rewarding. THe controls are a simple b = jump a = shoot things and run. The boss levels are by far the trickiest part of the level where you must either shoot bowser to death which is the easy way, or if you havent collected the flower you will have to side step him and get the axe.

Sound- This is easily the best part of the game after you've played the game for a minute youll not the tune and be singin it in work or wherever driving everyone crazy. The music although it loops every 20 seconds or so is genius i think there are only 4 different tracks throughout the game but you would never notice as ithe music is so cleverly produced.

Value - As a launch title for the nes its a good addition to your collection, and will keep you busy for about an hour or so, that may seem short but the hour is very well spent. In total there are 8 worlds i think containing 4 levels thats 32 levels in total something unheard of at that era. ALthough the levels are disctincly the same they still fail to not amuse.