Don't miss this great game


Harry potter is back but this time everything is lego. Just like the previous lego games none of the 100's of characters talk they just wave their little lego arms and mumble. Once again Harry potter lego has some comedy like the other lego games and is very lenghty.


Lego Harry potter is a great game especially if you like harry potter or just the plain lego games if so then you will love this game. The game has four chapters and consists of about fifteen sort length levels. Although their short levels there are a lot of them and their pretty fun. In the levels there is puzzle solving, spell casting, jumping and a lot of helping other people. The replay value is huge with a long story mode that might want to be replayed so that you can find all hidden hats, red blocks and collect knuts so that you can by stuff like characters. The cut-sceens are very funny in lego Harry potter and are enjoyable to watch.

The psp version of Lego Harry potter is very different to the console versions, its more like a nintendo ds version then a psp version but luckily its still great. I would have preferred the game to look more like the wii version and the psp could have handled it but Travelers tales must had thought it would have worked better like this.


The soundtrack is great its got all the music from all four harry potter movies.

Closing comments:

Overall lego Harry potter is a great game that any harry potter or lego fan should definitely pick up.