Buzz! Quiz World Cheats For PS3

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified Trophy. There are 27 Bronze Trophies, 13 Silver Trophies, 3 Gold Trophies, and 1 Platinum Trophy.

    Code Effect
    Win every trophy – then give that giant brain of yours a rest You’ve got the whole Quiz World, in your hands (Platinum)
    Play every type of game Buzz!™ has to offer I <3 Buzz!™ (Gold)
    Play an online game that involves four players in your household against four players in another household Team Tactics (Bronze)
    Play an online game that involves at least three of your PlayStation®Network friends and others Socialite (Bronze)
    Use all the costumes for each character in a full game Look good for the cameras (Silver)
    Win every prize You’ll never have to work again (Silver)
    Launch Buzz!™ from PlayStation®Home Home is where the Buzz!™ is (Bronze)
    Play and rate 50 different MyBuzz!™ quizzes MyBuzz!™ your face off (Silver)
    Be fastest to answer every question in a round of Fastest Finger correctly Fastest Fingers (Bronze)
    Score over 3200 points in one round of Stop the Clock Time Bandit (Silver)
    Steal from every player in the game in one round of Point Stealer The Artful Buzzer (Silver)
    Pie every player in the game in one round of Pie Fight The Cream Reaper (Bronze)
    Achieve boiling point in a fast time Hard Boiled (Bronze)
    Achieve boiling point in a super-fast time Soft Boiled (Silver)
    Be the last person alive at the end of Pie Fight, Over the Edge and Final Countdown in one game Last Man Standing (Silver)
    Answered correctly when On the Spot and nobody thought you would Dark Horse (Bronze)
    You or someone playing in your house has won 25 online games Sofa Slayer (Gold)
    Finish a Crazy game without getting Pied, Bombed, Gunged or Stolen from Under the Radar (Silver)
    Gunged everyone and stayed on the floor in Over the Edge Human Catapult (Bronze)
    Quizzes you have written have been played by more than 100 different people Popular Author (Silver)
    A quiz you have written has been played by 25 different people and has over 2.5 stars Quality Quiz Writer (Silver)
    10 quizzes you have written have each been played by 25 different people and have over 2.5 stars Master Quiz Writer (Gold)
    Keep one profile active and unchanged Happy in my skin (Bronze)
    Regularly play as a character of the opposite sex Cross Dresser (Bronze)
    Repeatedly pick on a player with a pie or a pilfering Picker Onner (Bronze)
    Play a game of Buzz!™ every weekend for three consecutive weeks Weekend Warrior (Silver)
    Play a game with only male player profiles Stag Party (Bronze)
    Play a game with only female player profiles Hen Party (Bronze)
    Pie, and eliminate, or steal from someone who is in last place by more than 1500 points Kick ‘em while they’re down (Bronze)
    Pointless theft! You stole from a player who had no points Kleptomaniac (Bronze)
    Pie, and eliminate, yourself from a round of Piefight Sui-Pied (Bronze)
    Taunt during the round summary of three different rounds in one game, and be in last place during each of them Dirty Rascal (Bronze)
    Get Pied, Gunged, Bombed and Stolen from in one game Not your day (Bronze)
    Have a photo taken for each moment Snap Happy (Bronze)
    Have 10 online game invites accepted Host with the most (Silver)
    Be invited to an online game by five different friends Guest of honour (Silver)
    Be the first to play a quiz that has not been played Proof reader (Bronze)
    Make Gran whip her teeth out during a round summary Denture wish your girlfriend was hot like me? (Bronze)
    Save one of your photos to the XMB™ menu That’s a keeper (Bronze)
    Wind everyone up with the buzzer noise select screen There’s always one (Bronze)
    It really was! And you have the photos of you all to prove it Filmed in front of a live studio audience (Bronze)
    Enjoy back to back rematches against players in an online game I love you guys! (Bronze)
    you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry Don’t make Buzz angry (Bronze)
    Upload one of your photos to Buzz!™ Face On! (Bronze)

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold