A sence of realism.

User Rating: 8.2 | Bushido Blade 2 PS
It's been ages since I first played this one, but I felt like saying a few things on it's behalf since it came to mind.

First of all I loved that there were mortal strikes in this one, gave it a sence of realism. Alot of games when you slash someone with a razor sharp katana you have to do it numerous times for them to fall. This ones different.

Bushido Blade 2 was also a bit short, never-the-less it had quality content. The story kept me interested, even though at the time I was pretty easily amused.

A remake of this series would be a nice addition to the next gen consoles, espeacially if they had a budget to work with and a little desire to create something great not just fill a quota.

It's old but so are your grandparents but you still love em'. Check the used game bins, nice play on a rainy day.