One of EA's worst games?

I borrowed this from my friend and I think i has to be one of the WORST games I've ever played in my LIFE!

I don't really mean to sound harsh but I think this game was rubbish. When you look at the other games EA and Maxis bought to games consoles they were good, The Sims felt like the one on PC and The Sims bustin' out was a classic for me, a solid game. But The Urbz doesn't quite cut it. It totally took away the experience of the sims and bought in some ''goal'' to become the most popular person in the city, the places you could go were good but the graphics the game gives made it seem, well, pretty crap. One of the place you were in a skyscraper and as the walls faded out it didn't look right.

Your Create a sim/urb was flawed by you having a certain amount of cash to buy clothes/accesories and the graphics on you sim/urb made them look like they had some sort of wrong plastic surgery or facial distortion. I didn't really like the music as it was mostly all hip-hop and I don't like hip-hop, the gameplay was the same where ever you went complete this goal, complete that goal and gain ''popularity stars'' for it and seeing as when I played it, where you live seems to be a shabby flat and you can't seem to chane the wall layout or anything takes away the feeling of being able to customize where you live. Overall the hype for this game made it look good but then when I borrowed it it was a total letdown, in my veiw this game is best left on the shelves of game shops gathering dust.