This is a great game. The graphics are improved, the gameplay is better with the 3 click, and my game has never crashed.

Tiger Woods 08 is a great game. It is a great improvement from Tiger 07. First of all, there are more courses, more golfers, better graphics, an optional 3 click swing system, a putt vision, and overall better gameplay. My game has never crashed, but I guess some have. The only problem I had with the game is the difficulty. Sometimes you will hit shots that go left and right, even though the joystick barely moved left or right. This makes it harder to hit straight shots. If the game is set to the easiest setting however, your shots will be straight. In conclusion, Tiger 08 is a better overall game. You have more options with the putt vision and 3 click (you can use them if you choose), making the game better overall. I recommend this game to anyone who is a sports video game fan.