This is easily the worst game I have ever played, and I have played a lot of games in my day.

I love strategy games. I have played all of the big names and many lesser known titles. This is easily the worst I have ever played. I know that many people think this game is the epitome of strategy gaming, but it is not.

1) This game is SLOW. I mean it is the slowest paced game anyone could ever imagine. This is probably the most unforgivable part. Speeding up the game to maximum is still brutally unplayable.

2) There is pretty much zero depth to the combat in this game. The relative strength of armies is completely arbitrary. You can have musketeers fighting feudal warriors and still lose even when numbers are even. The game is basically a computer version of the game RISK, but even slower and more soul sucking to play.

3) The diplomacy system has many options, but it is still a joke. In a lot of strategy games, e.g. the Total War series, allies and friendly nations will attack you for no reason. This is basically to give you a chance to enjoy exciting combat. I get that. This game does the same thing, but since combat is so ridiculously tedious... you get pretty fed up with the diplomacy system too.

4) Resource management has no depth to it either, even though it seems like this is what people love about this game. I'm not going to go into it, because there's nothing to go into...

I would only recommend this game for people who like single-player RISK on their computer.