Bunch of Heroes Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Kill 100.000 zombies Zombieraser
    Kill 723 Zombie Chickens, 821 Basic Zombies and 394 Zombie Astronauts Wtf
    Pickup 1000 weapons Weapon Collector
    Reload your extra weapon 1,000 times Waste of Ammo
    Perform 100 ultra attacks Ultra Master
    Complete 10 4-player missions Team Player
    Roll 20 times while on fire Stuntman
    Kill 200 martian shielders Shield Breaker
    Kill 1000 bayonet zombies Running With Scissors
    Complete 1 mission with each of the characters Royal Flush
    Heal 10.000 health points Nurse
    Kill 50.000 Martians Mars Invader
    Place 100 turrets Lazy Shooter
    Burn 1000 zombie chickens Kfc
    Eliminate 1000 radioactive zombies Janitor at Chernobyl
    Eliminate 200 zombies with melee attacks Intimate
    Get 10.000.000 points High Score Master
    Complete all the missions Earth's Hero
    Kill 1000 zombie chickens Duster Maker
    Kill 1000 Generals Daredevil
    Perform a 60-kills combo Combo Master
    Perform a 40-kills combo Combo Expert
    Reach a 20 combo Combo Enthusiast
    Eliminate 200 Martians with melee attacks Close Encounters of 4th Kind
    Eliminate 1,000 walking coffins Closed Casket
    Eliminate 100 Flying-Saucers Clay Shooter
    Eliminate 100 martian teleporters Chaser
    Eliminate 1,000 zombie evaders Cat Reflexes
    Kill 200 strong martian Antidopping
    Kill 500 zombie astronauts Space Harrier
    Kill 1000 basic zombies Raccoon City Cop
    Kill martin 1 time Kingslayer
    View the Credits Recruiter
    Kill pumpking 1 time Pumpkin Pie
    Eliminate fatzi 1 time Pork Pie
    Complete the Mars missions Astronaut
    Kill jazzy 1 time Happy Halloween
    Kill fred 1 time Nightmare
    Complete the Cemetery missions Gravedigger
    Complete 1 mission with full health Flawless Victory
    Complete 1 mission without picking up weapons Photofobia
    Complete 1 mission without picking up weapons My Back Hurts
    Complete 1 mission without dying Immortal
    Complete the Farm missions Harvester
    Complete a multiplayer mission without damaging any allies Bff
    While in survival mode get to wave 12 playing alone All By My Self
    While in survival mode and playing alone: get to wave 3 without having been damaged Can't Touch This
    Protect 50 cheerleaders Cheery
    While playing with 1 ally get to survival's wave 6 without anyone dying Dynamic Duo
    While playing with 3 allies get to survival's wave 9 without anyone dying Fantastic Four
    Survive up to the 20th wave in Santa's map Holiday Survivor
    While in survival mode and playing alone: get to wave 3 in less than 5 minutes In a Rush
    Perform a 80 kill combo while in survival mode Killer Instinct
    Kill a Martian Teleporter in survival mode Lucky 7
    Eliminate 200 Zombies with market cars Mall Cop
    Get to survival's wave 5 in less than 3 minutes Ninja Squad
    Pickup every weapon in the game ODD
    While playing with 2 allies get to survival's wave 9 without anyone dying Tri-Force

    Contributed by: Guard Master