A great & funny collection of minigames.

Rayman is a very old game title,platform games.Now Rayman is kidnapped by some alien rabbits,& he must win the games tat are held on their planet.Minigames! Minigames that involve treowing cows,cow races,dancing with bunnies, blocking bunnies in toilets,memorizing sounds,playing football with rabbits as the ball,more ball games,etc.At the enf,a kind of funny shootouts,with cowboy bunnies,indian bunnies,bunnies on holliday,ninja bunnies,etc.etc. With two weapons:a very funny bathroom "instrument" & a chain.Pure fun! The graphics are very good,althoug some will say that they are to kiddy.It doesen't matter,they are fun!!! Sound is very good:nice music,x-treamly funny voice acting. Superb game,no matter that the platform element is gone.& on the WII,it's even greater,thanks to the control.