Addictive despite a few bugs

User Rating: 7.5 | Bully: Scholarship Edition X360
A pretty addictive game, especially once you finish the first chapter. The game has frozen a few times at specific spots of the game - for example in one of the gym classes. After a couple of freezes, I decided not to use the joystick and the game didn't freeze! It's weird but it doesn't happen a lot - however if you haven't saved your game and it freezes, you will have to end up repeating tasks, classes, etc up to that point which is a bummer as some of the classes are tough (especially biology!!)

Apart from that, the game is addictive and made me feel like a tough guy at school (in reality I wasn't). The mini games are fun during the classes and the story keeps me going. Also it clocks in a lot of hours so this is not a short game.

One cool thing about the game is giving the main character different haircuts and hair colour! There are small little things like that in the game that make it cool.