Bulls versus Blazers and the NBA Playoffs Cheats For Genesis

  1. View the Ending

    Enter NXWBBBBD as your password.

  2. Champions as the Bulls

    Enter this password to be champions as the bulls.

  3. Miami Heat Season Passwords

    The following codes enable you to play as the Miami Heat through the entire playoffs.

    Vs. Detroit
    Game 2: 64LBBCB4
    Game 3: 64LBBBVS
    Game 4: 64LBBCV4

    Vs. Cleveland
    Game 5: 64QBBBBR
    Game 6: 64QBBGBP
    Game 7: 64QBBDBD
    Game 8: 64QBBJBJ

    Vs. Boston
    Game 9: 64NBBBBL
    Game 10: 64NBBVBM
    Game 11: 64NBBLBP
    Game 12: 64NBB2BN

    Vs. Utah
    Game 13: 64SBBBBN
    Game 14: 64SBDBBS
    Game 15: 64SBCBBJ
    Game 16: 64SBFBBC

    End: 64MBBBBF

  4. Bulls vs. Blazers in the finals