This is not the best game in the world...this is but a tribute!

User Rating: 9 | Brutal Legend X360
Lets get the main thing outta the way first. Soundtrack. This is the main clincher and is perfect for metal fans (even converting a few to the Sacred Halls of Metal!). It includes a multitude of great bands such as: Judas Priest, Motorhead, Motley Crue, Def Leppard & Black Sabbath; all of the classics aswell as some great modern metal, especially the hilarious Kabbage Boy who you'll know about at the start of the game. Whatever your preference Schafer has managed to cram it all in which is perfect for when your bombing your hotrod across the Metal plains with Kickstart My Heart wanged up to 11! It complements the action and theme perfectly.
Another big hitter is the size and landscape. Although it's not immensely huge, the landscape is big and the "Titanic Landmarks" ensure that the land is as good as any albumcover. The landmarks and the metal themed environment make exploring the game world a real pleasure, adding extra hours of gametime and tonnes of enjoyment. Along the same lines is the sky/weather. Perhaps the most dynamic and extravagant weather of any game of my experience. You'll know when you see a summer's sky turn to a harsh downpour then onto a post-apocalyptic meteor shower! The lighting, especially with the lightening and variety of weather, is superb; mixed with the themed landscape and music it's...well it's just KICKASS!

A lot of people poo-poo the game for it's apparent "Bad graphics" which is wrong. Okay, it's not a realistic as GTA or on a large-a-scale as GTA but the style is not meant to be realist, it's perceptive; every game does not have to conform to being realistic. Anyways if the game was styled realistically it would lose it's charm and be less awesome. Schafer has done an immense job in that sense.
The combat is as fun as it gets, not as tedious as Dynasty Warriors but against easier enemies it can become so. The combat really shines in the multiplayer/singleplayer stage battles as the size of your opponents forces give you a real challenge compared to the small skirmishes you get in the world. The combination of your trusty guitar "Clementine" and battleaxe (plus the awesome upgrades) is genius, a guitar as a mythical weapon? Very metal indeed,lets not forget the Deuce a.k.a "Druid Plow" you main mode of transport alongside the various beasts you can mount n ride: from Raptor Elks to fire breathing Metal Beasts to the mighty Hextadon mammoth-like thing and various undead monsters you come across.
The Stage battles are a breath of fresh air from the standard combat, employing your mind into things not just your button-mashing finger, and break up the combat perfectly and in all the right places.

The one thing that is annoying is the fact you can't jump yet in one of your attacks you can. Although this is not a problem as the world is accountable for this, it could have been made a lot more if you could jump as in parts the world seems a bit flat because of this reason. There is also a problem of getting stuck behind stuff (although this has only happened once) it is annoying and a simple jump could've solved it. Another downside that has been highlighted by many is the length (or lack of) of the main campaign, you feel cut off short as it's pretty quick to finish even on Brutal difficulty. The side missions become repetitive especially the ambush missions as the dialogue rarely changes but every game seems to have this problem (assassin's creed being one). The ambushes can be solved fairly quickly even on Brutal leaving you wanting for a greater challenge but not receiving it.

Overall this is a great game, the vocal talents of Jack Black are excellent as always and seriously add to the attitude of the character so do the cameo appearances of Lemmy, Lita Ford, Ozzy and Rob Halford. The world is crammed with collectables if you love that stuff and local wildlife each unique per area all of which you can mount and ride or use as a weapon! The background story of the creation of the land from the fire-beast Ormagoden to the Titans then to current day, plus the twists in plot and various rock-related puns make this game a must buy if you like action, metal or plot.

"This is not the best game in the world...this is but a tribute!" although it comes pretty close ;)