Brutal Legend is an overall great game but there are flaws in it that keep me from buying this game.

User Rating: 8 | Brutal Legend X360
Brutal Legend is a game set in a "land of metal" might be the best word to describe it. This game combines the action/adventure and strategy genres to create a truly memorable experience. The controls of the game are fine tuned and for the most part work very nicely. As far as the story goes it's very interesting especially including famous characters such as Ozzy Osbourne to name one. The game's visual style is also unique and appealing. As for the down sides of Brutal Legend side missions are unbelievably repetitive. Sometimes they even use the same dialogue for different side missions. Also, driving the car in the game is like trying to drive a giant bouncy ball. The campaign also seems to be extremely short for a game that focuses so much on it. Another thing, sometimes the game won't give you clear directions on where to go and what to do. The game's multiplayer also can get really boring especially with only one game type and only a few maps. Overall though this is a good game and lives up to it's hype. I would rent it if I were you though because I wouldn't pay sixty dollars for something I'll play for two weeks tops.