User Rating: 8.5 | Brutal Legend X360
Every now and again you get a game that lives up to the Hype surrounding it. Brutal Legend is one of those games. While not "GroundBreaking" the Graphics are up to date and the art style is a pleasure to look at. The controls are responsive, vehicle handling is perfect, and the combat is fluid. You might experience a "Hiccup" in the frame-rate occasionally when it's trying to load the environment, but these are infrequent, and even when they do happen it generally doesn't interfere with the task at hand. It's not a "Long" game per say (7-10 Hours Depending on how you play it), but those few hours are sure a blast to play through. You can customize your Guitar with different strings (Strings also change guitar skin), your vehicle is customizable (Weapons etc..), and even your axe is customizable (To a Certain Extent). Multiplayer is also a joy to play. You can choose a Faction, create Merchandise Booths and build a stage. All of this revolves around out strategizing your opponents (Up to 4 Players). The Soundtrack includes Tenacious D, Motorhead, Judas Priest, and many more different artists. Whether you're in to Metal or just looking for a fun game to play, Brutal Legend definitely delivers.