Being a big Monkey Island/Tim Schaefer fan, I knew this was probably going to be something special, boy was I right!!!

User Rating: 9 | Brutal Legend X360
Tim Schaefer has always been one of my favorite game designers. Brutal Legend is quite a change from a lot of his past PC titles, but there are definitely some similarities to his old point and click adventures. The animation, world design, and storyline are all top-notch and very much movie quality at the very least. And Schaefer's trademark humor is in every nook and cranny of Brutal Legend. The characters are original, funny, engaging, and most of all, downright badass in a way that just can't be forced or faked like so many of today's industry flops. You can tell a lot of hard work and love went into the whole experience. Everything from the amazing, ingenius world you find yourself in to the secret soundtrack pickups and weapon upgrades to even the introduction/menu's of the game has never been done before or even attempted in such a way. For that alone, this game deserves a huge score and hopefully the success that goes with it, but also, it's just plain addictive. Some of the side missions are repetitive at times, but are still fun, and the main story and boss battles are prime stuff for sure. The fact that they threw in some online play is just another reason to pick this one up, though it's the single player campaign and exploring the whole heavy metal-laced landscapes that make Brutal Legend what it is, which is a one of kind, fresh, and rockin' game that should have no problem standing out in the crowd this holiday season we now find ourselves in.