This has everything for a freekin' Mind Blowing journey through Hard Rock, Smokin' Babes, Way Cool Rides and Jack Black.

User Rating: 9 | Brutal Legend X360
I downloaded the demo of this game on Xbox live and was stoked enough to pick it up on release day. Something I rarely find myself doing, due to over hyped games. I normally wait for users (like US) to put their take on games up as many hired reviewers seem to have their game off for sure.

This game rocks in many ways, sure it is no vast wasteland like Fallout 3, but it is simple and that is a welcome relief for sure. I love the grinding metal songs, the well made characters and of course the one of a kind sassy comic style of Mr. Jack Black. This game was made with the average gamer in mind, gamers who enjoy just thrashing out, driving fast and being cool as you can in a game and often laughing out loud or pumping your rock fist.

It is good to go, I really have only one thing I wish they would have considered... the health bars, I have to say that when you are battling it would be nice to know your health is low before you hear your dreaded heartbeat pumping, which is some cases means too late sucka you are going to die. It also would be great to know if your efforts are actually paying off towards the boss enemies!

All in all love it for the thrill of it all. I say buy it if you are a gamer who needs a welcome change of pace.