I wish i could like this game .. [brutal review]

User Rating: 6 | Brutal Legend PS3
Its just not enough to keep me interested. I love metal, i love it! I love Jack Black, he's hilarious, yet this game still fails to keep me interested. It feels like a Ps2 game..along the lines of spyro the dragon..or some ratchet and clank game.

To me there is just too much going on, not enough clarity in what you need to do. There are too many objectives and moves and its just overkill on what is such an awesome idea.

I really wish i could get into this game, but its just not happening. Ive played about 3-5 hours worth and Im done..moving on. There is just too much out there that could be playing. Heres my breakdown:

Graphics: 7 - nothing special - some really cool concept art, al metal and epic, but not quite polished

Control: 6 - Just not feeling responsive. Plus, there too many goofy moves and awkward combos and 'special moves'

Sound: 9 - The soundtrack is brilliant! and of course Jack Black is funny and perfect for the role.

Story: 8 - interesting enough, but the gameplay juts kills it

Gameplay Overall: 5 - The concept is fantastic, but again, its just not all the way complete. It feels unpolished; there are choppy cut scenes, sections of the game where there is just too much going on. Unclear goals. The character feels weak in battle.

Like I said I wish I could get into it, but it just doesnt add up.
a 10 for originality -- a 4 on execution.