Assassins Creed is a more beautiful, enhanced, Splinter Cell than anything else.

Assassins Creed has it's moments where it's frustrating. The movement system, the combat system.. but that doesn't keep you from not playing the game. The story is brilliant taking place in B.C. however most of the time the game feels like your watching a movie than actually playing. So go get some popcorn and watch the cutscenes (they are somewhat enjoyable). Each city (4 in total) have different amazing environments. But each one has it's own difficulty for climbing; doing acrobatic skills; it gets tough. And as each leader you try to hunt down and assassinate (it gets harder and harder) so even if your screaming in the end to kill the last leader it's still good. The graphics are gorgeous, with background environments, Altair, Templars everything looks good. However, the frequent loading times and the boring 200 side quests makes you fall asleep fast. And the fact, they are trying to compare two stories at once, they did kind of a good job. Except they don't explain much of Myles. Assassins is only worth for it's story and graphics. It gets old fast due to nothing else to do; no fighting clubs or execution missions. And the odd mission is fun, but 210 missions later..