If you like fast paced objective action then Brink may be for you, if not, don't bother.

User Rating: 7.5 | Brink X360
Brink is a unique game in more ways than one but not just in a good way. It tries very hard to tell an interesting story. The gameplay is very fast paced and keeps you coming back for more. The graphics and sound are good but leave much to be desired.

Brink sets itself up with an interesting premise. The story of the crumble of mankind leading up to the events that take place on The Ark. The player chooses to either leave The Ark or save The Ark. The factions in the game, Security and Resistance, are very distinct and well designed. Unfortunately, the story stops using the potential of its premise right there. The story is only told through brief cutscenes between missions, it never develops characters, and the conclusions to each storyline leaves the Ark's future hidden.

On the upside, the objective gameplay is well done for the most part. Gunplay could be more responsive, but other than that, it feels great. The movement in Brink has been enhanced with parkour, which adds flavor to the game, and adds to the fast paced nature of Brink's objective based missions.The class system and customization go hand and hand. Players level up and can unlock general perks or class-specific perks. Weapons and attachments can be unlocked through challenges. Some elements of the gameplay could be improved, the parkour feels somewhat sluggish at times and is prone to glitches. Enemy A.I. is somewhat dumb and run straight into your crosshairs. Allied A.I. can be erratic and will do unexpected things. The gameplay is good overall.

Brink uses the ID Tech 4 engine which looks great most of the time but takes a long time to load textures. Brink's sound is very convincing, the voice acting could've been a little better however. Guns sound realistic, footsteps are nerve shattering, and the sound of turrets being constructed sound like turrets being made.

Brink has a Co-op mode which is incredibly fun with friends. The lag can be overwhelming at times despite having high speed internet connection.

Overall Brink is a title that does less than it promised, but is still tons of fun.

Overall: 7.5
Gameplay: 8
Multiplayer (Co-op): 8.5