Great Game , Don't listen to what others say , Try it out yourself...

User Rating: 9 | Brink X360
Awesome Mulitiplayer , Fast paced, excitting, lots of objectives, well put together, With new patches , game runs smooth... Try it you will like it .. Best online game up to date...

Lots of cool classes and upgrades.. You can design your character how you see fit.. The different levels have something new and exciting for every oppurtunity you get.. COD MW2, Black ops .. MOve over this one is a winner.

I like the way you can change classes at command post during a game session, and complete all the other objectives. For instance I was playing a soldier, when i got to the the objective none of my team mates made it to the goal that needed to be hacked i sat there and defended the area no one got close . when i respawned i changed to operative at command post and hack the objective and a medic support me and 2 soldiers defended the area off. We won the objective , then i changed back to soldier.