Brink is not for everyone, but perfect for some.

User Rating: 8.5 | Brink X360
I will preface my review with this: If you care about your Kill/death ratio when you play an FPS, then you will not like this game.

That being said, let us continue.

When you first start playing brink, it is pretty simple. You get a gun, one of four class abilities and you play one of eight objective maps on offense or defense. The reviews do not lie. These objectives are meat grinders. They bottleneck 16 players in one spot and everyone dies.

But then how do you win?

This is where the game is very subtle and unappreciated. At rank one, it may seem futile, but do your secondary objectives. If your eight guys have 15% more health then their eight guys, because of a command post you captured, you might be able to pull off the objective. The game is still pretty simple.

Enter ranks 2-5

Now you have sentry guns, upgraded buffs, cortex bombs, changing the landscape of the battle. Its less of a meat grinder and more of a fast paced extremely tactical tug-of-war. You will die. A lot. But it doesn't matter. only the objectives matter. And the developers have made the interface remarkably simple, so you know what you should be doing and who's going to be helping you.

All in all, every flaw (except the AI, sorry) can be fixed with a map pack or a patch. If you are a patient gamer who is sick of halo/COD and its lone wolf Kill/death ratio obsession and feel like playing an actual team game. Come on over to brink. I'll show you the ropes (and kill you a lot).