The future of shooters...

User Rating: 5.5 | Brink PC
"The future of shooters..."
yeah, that's what some big-time pre-reviewer said about the game months before it came out.

Maybe "Brink" is the secret subconscious symbolic Illuminati slang-short for Boring(k).

What can I say, for the past few months up until present half the New York City buses had the Brink ads on either side posted.
The game has been given special care, very special the advertisers. I also feel bad for people who pre-ordered this game.

If one was to take one quick general look at the game, he or she wouldn't necessarily find anything wrong with it. But that's the thing about Brink. It has a catchy name and flashy gun fights, but underneath it all is either broken or overdone mechanics.
Don't get me wrong, the weapon recoil is realistic and short burst from just about any gun will do the job. In general the gun-shooting feels right, but sometimes it does take more than a magazine clip to clip someone.

I like the general mobility of the character you play but I was under the impression that there would be more wall bouncing, and more obstacles to easily climb on and climb through. So for the most part, you will end up doing the same thing: sprint, slow down, peek, crouch, shoot, step back and reload, repeat until you are dead or bleeding, respawn, repeat...
Well, there are team objectives to complete, but most of these objectives are same or similar - we've seen it all before.

I also realize that plenty of multiplayer games out there have the auto-healing, which I quite frankly despise. But this game takes it to a whole other level. Your health fully regenerates within 4-5 seconds, the only time you need a medic is when you are bleeding on the ground which is when a medic can run up and give you the adrenaline serum.
There is also less than ten maps. And I KNOW what they are going to do next. In a couple of months or so, they will anounce a DLC with "ALL THREE NEW MAPS" for 10 bucks or so....

There's no single-player to speak of. I mean it looks like there is one, but once you start playing for either the resistance or the security forces, all you end up with are short skits between skirmishes-NO STORY MODE. Each successful skirmish (map) is slightly harder than the previous one, but all it really is the multiplayer play against the AI - fulfilling the same redundant objectives over and over again.

There are also mirror-edge kind of stunts that you can do, only i found the mechanics to be slightly awkward. If you bounce off the walls the right way, you also get points (same for kills) that you later use for customization. So the outcome of your stunts isn't always clear.
I can't comment on the severity of the multiplayer bugs and the lag just yet. Maybe the PC servers are slightly better than their console counter-parts, or maybe I got lucky, but they are also much less numerous.

The customization was meant to give the overt feeling of individualism, but in the end, it doesn't matter as much, at least to me. The ironic thing however is that after developing my character a little, I was more interested in customizing my weapons and dressing up my avatar as opposed to playing the actual game.

Overall, the weapon customization is the one that matters, but that has all been done before in other games.

The graphics aren't bad, but they aren't impressive either.

I also found it interesting how the soldier class has infinite ammo. This was supposed to be the city on the b.r.i.n.k. of complete collapse, yet somehow you can have infinite ammo.

Furthermore, the grenade explosions are laughable. You can also hear the sound of you running but if you look down, you will not see your legs. Also, since this is a port, the aim of your mouse will auto-aim for you as if you are a playing on a controller, cool huh?

The so-called co-op in this game doesn't really apply. Because the single player is the same as the multiplayer. It's the same as playing co-op in Battlefield 2 BC, but at least that game has squads, and it is also better at doing everything, and stuff...

All in all, there's no real incentive to help out your team mates by giving up your ammo and health serums. You can if you want to, but you don't have to. You can just continue blasting and hoping to get a kill. I am sorry for thinking back to Battlefield, but that game makes you want to help out your team mates and squad mates and rewards that splendid.

One of my main gripes with the game is the way it was shown to be in previews and trailers. And that tells you a lot about the Art of Ads. I would also like to know what exactly is so revolutionary about this game.

In general, I always thought that the future of shooters started with Battlefield Bad Company 2 and it will probably end with Battlefield 3.
In the end, I think Bethesda should have focused more on making the next Fallout, only this time in NYC.

P.S. The elongated, pickle-head faces are annoying