If you like objective & team based game, this game is fun. If you're a lone wolf type, this might not be for you

User Rating: 7.5 | Brink X360
Once I got the hang of this game, it really grew on me. There seems to be a mixed bag of reviews for this game. I find it to be a lot of fun. However, my style of gaming favors more teamwork, objective based game modes. In COD for example, I like games like Headquarters, Demolition & Domination. The problem I have with COD is that not always are people working together. Too often you get stuck with a team of guys who are just trying to get kills, earn their contracts and get kill streaks. If you're a lone wolf in Brink, you won't last long. This game is about sticking together, giving boosts to your teammates and working as a team to win and capture checkpoints and objectives. This game is getting heat for only having 8 maps. Fact is, each map has so many different things that you can do, that it doesn't really get old. The maps are big enough and have enough to do, which keeps it fun.

The controls are tight, the character customization is lots of fun from your player model, to your skill sets and different weapon upgrades. Don't be fooled by the negative reviews and comments on this. Give the game a chance and make your own assessment. The play style might not be for everyone, but I really am enjoying this game and I love the team and coop play. Tons of fun. I think some will love this game, some will hate it. I wasn't sure how I felt when I played it for the first couple hours. After I started getting the hang of the game modes, controls and customization options, I started having a blast.

Just a little tip for those who are having trouble adjusting to the controls....switch your control options. There are customized controller layouts for nearly every major FPS (and even one for Gears). Whether you like Halo, COD, L4D, Gears, etc. they have button layouts for each which is nice. Made switching from COD to Brink absolutely seamless.

One more thing to add. If you're hoping for a great story mode, you might be disappointed. My expectations for Brink were that it would revolve heavily around Multiplayer, so I wasn't disappointed. If you're not an online gamer and you like a good story, this is probably Brink's weakest point. No character development, not much going on with the story...This game is set to revolve around co-op or team versus team multiplayer combat. If that's what you like, you should really give it a try.

If you like Killstreak rewards, or games that focus on getting kills and K/D ratios, then you might not like this game. This game doesn't care how many kills you get because it isn't about that. The game rewards you with some experience for kills, but more experience for helping your team win by boosting each other, completing objectives and playing the roll of the class you choose. If you pick an engineer and all you're trying to do is snipe and get headshots, then you won't level up very fast at all. However, if you're building sentry guns, handing out weapon upgrades to your team, disarming bombs, etc. then you'll be rewarded for your efforts because you are playing the roll of your class and you are helping your team win.

There is plenty of killing in the game, so you bloodthirsties won't be disappointed, but the game doesn't revolve around your stats in the K/D ratio. At the end of the match it will give out stats for best overall player, best engineer, best soldier, etc. and most kills, but it doesn't really show a Kill/Death ratio. It doesn't say that you were 42/8...or more embarrassing 8/42....ha. This is intentional because the game is not about individual stats as much as its about what you did to help your team. I love that...again that's my play style and that's what I like.