Tired of conventional shorter and looking for a fresh take on the multi player FPS arena, Give this game chance.

User Rating: 8.5 | Brink X360
Brink is a game that tries to break away from the shooter mold and does so fairly well With a few mis steps here and there. I'm just going to address a few points about the game instead of doing a normal paragraph or so review. This is one of my first reviews so bare with me on this.
What I am not going to do is whine about how the online is laggy, or textures are not loading in properly. These are all problems with the launch and will be fixed so there is no point talking about how "bad" the game is due to bad launch bugs.
There are no excuse for them but there is also no need to sit there and down play the game due to these.

Common Complaints and Misconceptions:
1. Grenades are useless and hardly damage my enemies. - This is a very common complaint I have read on a variety of different sites. The grenades are not meant to be spammed and hurled across the map Killing anyone who happens to be near. They are designed to be a crowd control weapon by knocking everyone to the floor and stunning them for a bit.

2. It takes for ever to kill someone. - Once again I have heard this on a ton of different sites. This can not be further from the truth. while it does take more then normal to kill an enemy it is nothing drastic at all. If you have an enemy in your site and have the proper weapon for the distance of the firefight, Most of the time you can drop them before they get a chance to react. Things like body armor, health buffs and other things add more health but it is nothing extreme at all. Ontop of that the health buffs and body armor can be countered with damage buffs and armor piercing rounds.

3. The game gets repetitive. - Due to the game only having 1 game mode many people complain that it gets repetivie. But in reality there are multiple game modes with in that one game mode. Some have you escorting while others have you defending a point from the other. All with in the same game mode. It is more of a "dynamic" mode rather then one set in pure stone like TDM or CTF.

What I personally Love about the game:

1. The MMO feel of the classes, weapons and skills. Everything has a specific role and the all work together fairly well so far in my experience with the game. You can get damage buffs, Health buffs, Skills that inform your team of the where abouts of the rest of their team. You even get extra buffs and abilities when you capture command points spread about the map. I could write a ton about the different classes, abilities and weapons and how they all fit specific roles and the synergy between them but it is too much for me to write and i am not that willing.

2. its not your typical Call of duty, Halo, socom style of game. Some will probably be mad that I put all of those games in there but brink is unlike any of those games. Many will say it is team fortress but it even varies it self from team fortress.

3. Customization, the customization in the game is pretty fun and you can really make your character different from the rest.There really isn't much more i can say bout the customization other then it is more then what you see in most Shooter games these days. There are some odd choices like the ability to not change weapon skins, or tattoos. But overall the customization is really nice.

4. Movement system known as Smart. Smart is not perfect but it gives you a freedom of movement not seen in many games. The ability to just vault over nearly any obstacle in your path means you dont get stuck in odd positions like you do other games.

What I would like to see improved:

1. A little more customization in the looks of the weapons. you can not change the color of your weapons at all but have a wide variety of death dealing accessorys to add which helps alleviate the problem of no skin change.

2. Multiplayer Meta game Where you pick one of the two sides and fight for control of a map where every win helps you control a section of the ark similar to how mag handled their massive war.

Final Words
Brink is a fantastic start to a new IP that has plenty of room to grow and truly figure out how to handle it self among the big boys. I am afraid how ever that this game will be frowned upon and thrown to the side due to how different it is. Embrace a little bit of change and give this game a whirl.