User Rating: 2 | Brink X360
this is one of the worst games I've ever seen. Graphics pathetic and with a shake and dull. It is a shame that Bethesda has released this crap. programmers have inexplicably complicated life. is repetitive and continuous mess. I've played only half an hour was enough to get on my nerves that day took the testers who tried it ?, I imagine that had smoking something because if not, is not understood, poor is spent here in Europe € 70 for this marvel. I know my words may sound harsh, but many years of playing video games (I have 40 years) to support these teasing, Also speaking is graphically cuts in half the typical display of bad games xbox 360. the only decent thing he has is the personalization of the characters in which it appears that 90% used to program budget. In short, no more I can say, I do not stand out really well.