An absolute disaster in pretty much every way.

User Rating: 3 | Brink X360
Brink was really overhyped, I heard everyone talking about it around when it came out, but I didn't like the look of it, so I didn't purchase it, until I saw it for £3 brand new. So I thought that I might as well.

Well, that was a mistake. Brink is one of the worst games I own, and it's simply tragic in pretty much every shape or form.

The good:

There's not many games where I'd struggle to think of a good point about it, but here goes.

There is a lot of weapon and level variety, none of the levels really look the same and all the guns feel different.

Now that's over with, the bad:

The graphics are HORRIFIC. It looked like a 5 year old PS2 game, the texture pop in is worse than I've ever seen in a game before, I would literally stand there, looking at the blurred texture for about 10 seconds before it'd even slightly go into focus.

The game is ridiculously easy, when I was playing offline, I would be basically invincible and never die.

The AI are morons, they just run round aimlessly, doing nothing and seeing you, and then simply just turning round.

It's short. The game really isn't that long and I was able to complete about 5 missions in the space of an hour. Bear in mind that there are only 16 levels, plus 4 "What-If" missions. Not helped by the fact the game is stupidly easy.


I haven't really got much to say about this game, other than it's one of the worst I've ever played, and probably the worst game I've played on my Xbox so far. Do not buy this for any price. Buying it for under a tenth of its release price and still feeling ripped off is pretty bad.