Good old-school RPG with nothing fancy and smooth play.

User Rating: 8.5 | Breath of Death VII: The Beginning PC
I have been looking for a good old-school RPG to play which wasn't FF or it's ilk. I have played those games... some of them many times.

When I saw this on Steam for less than $2, I had to grab it. Best decision I made in a long time. You start off as a solo hero; an undead solo hero. Yep you heard right. Everyone who joins your party is undead. One of the little charming touches to this game.

Really there isn't anything special about this game, it just does what it does with no problems, and has all the elements you want from an old-school RPG. Next time it goes on sale on Steam, pick it up, it won't hurt your wallet, and you will have a lot of fun running around pwning monsters.

So yeah, as usual I have leftover characters to fill, I apologize for not being long winded. Peace out and happy hunting.